Ken is SOLD OUT and shipping soon!


We can’t be more happy to announce that Ken is currently sold out. Thank you for the overwhelming support you have shown us. We are always amazed and appreciate all the kind words and orders of support of our work. It’s what drives us to push ourselves and do the best that we can to bring some of the most unique collectibles in the market.

More good news is that he has arrived at our storage and we will start shipping out in batches this week 😉



Bison pre-order postponed

Hi all,

Thanks for the overwhelming response to our Levitating M.Bison reveal. We know how excited you are to get the details and place your order but after some deliberation, we have decided to postpone our M.Bison preorder as we felt we need to show all the improvements we are making and all the features of the display before he is up for pre-order. We also greatly appreciate the feedback some of you gave us and we taking it into consideration.

We also want to give a bigger marketing push for him as we feel it is  truly an innovative statue. Hence, the preorder is postponed for a couple of months. We will announce the new pre-order date in the near future. Thank you for your patience!

But we are not leaving you empty handed… here’s the first work-in-progress teaser of Ryu from our Battle of the Brothers diorama. More to be revealed soon 🙂


3d prints, final sculpts and teasers

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Before we show the good stuff, here is the assembly video of our Ken statue, which will start shipping out in batches next month:


He’s getting close to being sold out, so if you haven’t pick him up yet, place your order soon. Don’t forget that he’s part of our epic 4 part Battle of the Brothers diorama. The 2nd part of this diorama is already under way. We will have updates soon 😉

Anyway, we have some major updates today. Firstly, our Thundercats diorama is finally done. Its currently going through approval and will be sent to the printers soon. The preorders are expected to go live at Singapore Toy Games Comic Convention in September.LvM01







We’ve had also our Sons Of Sparda and The Beast Unleashed already printed. Preorder information for these will be released soon. Speaking of the latter, see it in person at EVO Championships next month! Here are some teasers:



Ken is coming

We are glad to say that Ken is almost nearing the end of production. We have just finished QC and now getting ready for the packaging. Once packaging is complete, he is expected to be shipped to our warehouse next month. And we will start shipping him out in batches soon after. Here’s some photos to whet your appetite in the meantime 🙂





13148167_10153357938401486_201237776_o (1)



Femme Fatale – 1/6 dioramas

This is the most requested project by you, the fans…and so we are gladly obliging. Let’s show some love for the ladies of Street Fighter. We are not done yet though…stay tuned 😉


Devil May Cry – Sons of Sparda dioramas

Are you ready? Our Devil May Cry – Sons of Sparda dioramas are done and ready to be printed.

There are two sets of statues:

Dante: Human and Devil Trigger version

Vergil: Human and Devil Trigger version

We will let the pictures speak for themselves:










Here are high resolution turnarounds if each character for your viewing pleasure:

Ken edition size, production update, Ryu teaser

Hi all,

Production is well under way for our upcoming Battle of the Brother – Ken. We have also started progress on the next character in this line. We have decided to reduce the edition size of Ken to 300 only worldwide, hence we only have a few left in stock. So get yours now before they are all completely gone either from our website or any of our retail partners. Here are some early production photos:




And here’s a quick teaser of our The Beast Unleashed diorama which will be fully revealed next week: