Art Prints for Evil Ryu

Here’s a closer look at the prints that come with our first statue.

First up is the main print done by Marvel artist Gary Choo. This is still WIP and yet it looks amazing already:

RyuEvil_color70Next up is the print done by Art Director, Keat. This was inked on normal paper and then printed on textured brown paper to emulate a scroll. This is exclusive to preorder customers:


And last but not least the STGCC exclusive art print that was done by our very own Kelvin Chan.

EvilRyu_Print_STGCCExclusiveAnd here’s a timelapse video to go along with it:

Feel the power of Satsui No Hadou!

As you have seen in our first video blog, the character we are bringing to you, in the moment of release of his dark hadouken, is none other than Satsui Ryu a.k.a Evil Ryu. We know a lot of fans love this alternate costume, and so we decided to do our take on the character in a dynamic action pose. About to release his Metsu Hadouken as he stands on the temple rooftop as it literally is being shredded apart by the vortex of the fireball.


Here are some other exploratory sketches done during the concepting stage:

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We are Kinetiquettes !

We are proud to announce that we have the license to produce collectibles based on the most popular fighting game franchise on the planet and boy do we have a lineup for you collectors out there. If you are still on the fence about collecting, we hope we can change that.

We will not only be posting updates to our projects but also sharing our workflow with you. If you want to tag along for the ride and want your voices heard, follow us here and your favorite social media channels: