Thailand Comic Con & E.Ryu shipments!

Hope you guys enjoyed your long weekend. It was a tiring but fun weekend for us as we just returned from Thailand Comic Con. We were expecting to showcase Oni with Ryu, but unfortunately, we only had Ryu ready to display along with sneak peak at one of the upcoming premium art prints. We will have more info on those very soon.

Speaking of E.Ryu, production and QC is finally completed and shipping preparations are being made. We apologise for the delay but packaging foam was something that was out of our hands as it was being done by a third party and not our factory.  This is something we will have to take into account for the future to avoid delays.

You will receive remaining/shipping  payment requests next week. Please notify us of any address updates or ensure that your address is updated in your user account on our website. In the meantime,  here are some photos from the con:




A snap with our friends at XM Studios and H.M.O:


Some of the sketches our resident artist Kelvin a.k.a rocketraygun did for the fans at the event:









Video Diary 03 is here!

Thanks to everyone who made our first statue a success. We are almost at the finish line. Here’s a look at some of the process and an update on the current status:

Oni Akuma pre-orders are LIVE!


Here it is…finally! Oni pre-orders are LIVE! We are not only offering a 10% discount for full payment for a limited time only but also offering instalment payment option for monthly payment convenience.We have also declared the shipping price for Oni. We have scoured for the most affordable and secure shipping option for you and this is the best we could do. It actually costs us more to ship these solid 20lbs. (9kgs) polystone statues to you, but we understand your concerns and have decided to absorb some of the shipping/handling costs. We always want our customers to feel that what they are getting is worth their money and rest assured that directly supporting us will give you special access and discounts to future products.

Without further delay, here is the link for Oni:

Oni Akuma / 狂オシキ鬼 – 1/6 scale diorama

Do let us know if you have any issues ordering. We will assist the best we can. 🙂

Evil Ryu almost ready to ship!

Hi all,

We are almost ready to ship our first statue to you. We are in the final stages of quality check and also waiting for the packaging foam to be ready along with the color art box. First batch is expected to ship mid-April. Please bear with us as we try to ensure every single piece is upto the standards you expect from us. We will keep you updated on the status.

Shipping/remaining payment notifications will be sent out soon for international buyers and those who placed deposits. Please keep a lookout in your inbox. Also, please ensure that your addresses are updated in your user account. In the meantime, enjoy this photo of the army of Satsui No Hadou:





Evil Ryu is now SOLD OUT!


We are very happy to announce that he is officially SOLD OUT! All stocks have been reserved for those pre-ordered directly from us and for our retail partners. Stock may open up again if some reservations are cancelled.

We truly appreciate your support and trust everyone. We are truly humbled and excited for the future. We will always try our darn-est to return the trust and faith you have in us.



E.Ryu final QC & Oni pre-order info!

Thanks for tuning in all this while.

We are going to China for the final quality check for E.Ryu next week. We’ll be recording tons of footage for our next video diary to show you guys more behind the scenes stuff. Hopefully things will go smoothly and we can start shipping out the bad boy in batches end of the month.

Speaking of which, we are still investigating the most economical and secure shipping method for you all. We have to be honest that the statue is solid and heavy polystone and so it has a shipping weight of 8kgs. Hence the shipping costs will not be as cheap as purchasing from your local retailers. However, we won’t be charging our customers any handling fee to keep the cost as low as possible. We will keep you posted on the final shipping costs nearer to the date.

Now on to more exciting news…we are happy to reveal that the preorders for Oni Akuma will officially go live on April 1st 2015! And we have something special for those who ordered E.Ryu directly from us. We will be send out a customer-only newsletter with this special information 🙂

In the meantime, enjoy this final teaser of Oni facing off against E.Ryu until the full reveal:


Evil Ryu amendments

Firstly, we would like to apologize for causing some concerns as the gloss was too high in the photos we posted yesterday. We would like to thank you all for your valuable feedback. This was something that was on our “to-do” list, but it was our fault for sharing the photos before applying the changes. We already made amendments to the factory sample and toned down the gloss so that it can be implemented on the production pieces. Also, we retook the photos with better lighting as the previous setup was amplifying the gloss even more than it actually was. 

We always want to hear from you guys and we are grateful for your constant feedback and support. We’ll always keep working hard to ensure that we return the trust that you guys have given us. Without you, we wouldn’t be here!








Production update and Oni teaser

Dear fans and friends,

Firstly, we apologies for the delay in showing you the updated production sample photos of E.Ryu. We have been busy making sure the painted sample they sent us is not only accurate, but even better than the prototype. We have already iterated twice on the samples they sent us, but we will finally be receiving the completed sample this week.

However, we will only be posting photos the week after because we are heading to Tokyo tomorrow for Wonderfest Winter 2015. We are really looking forward to meeting some of our friends and fellow sculptors there. We are also going for some collaboration meetings regarding our future plans. We have some really exciting stuff planned and we can’t wait to share them with you 🙂

E.Ryu production is almost coming to an end, but Chinese New Year is also coming up in China. Its usually a month long holiday for the hardworking factory folks… as this is the only time of the year they get to take a well deserved break. So we will only be visiting the factory next month to quality check the production pieces. And as if we haven’t said this enough times….we will check every single piece of the statue to ensure its upto our expected standards before we ship them out. When we are there, we’ll be coming back with footage for our next video diary so you guys can get a sneak peak at some of the production process.

In the meantime here are a couple of photos of the on-going work:



And lastly but not least, here’s a teaser for Oni.


We will be revealing his PO date later this month. Stay tuned! 🙂

Starting off the year with TGS2015 and WF Winter!


We are starting off the year by attending the B2B Zone of the Taipei Game Show 2015. Do drop by our booth to see the fully painted factory sample of Evil Ryu in person. We are looking to make new friends and meeting our Taiwan fans there!


Next up will be the big event in Japan. We are definitely excited and honoured to be attending our first Wonder Fest alongside all the talented sculptors there. We are hoping to showcase the finished Oni sculpt side by side E.Ryu for the first time at the event and ofcourse meet all the awesome artists.

Speaking of Oni, we getting close to getting him done and our Evil Ryu production is also coming to an end. We are going to be making our QC trip next month along with opening pre-orders Oni.

We are also finalizing the shipping costs of Evil Ryu and  those who ordered from our website directly will be notified of the costs soon. We are aware that some of you were concerned on the cost of shipping compared to buying from your local retailers. Rest assured that we will make it worth your while for being the first to support us. You will be the first to receive the statues before anyone else in the world, which means you will get the early edition numbers. Not to mention that you will get first dibs on Oni preorders at a discounted price!

Happy New Year 2015!

Hi everyone,

Firstly, let us apologise for not updating the blog the past few months. We have been mostly active on Facebook, Twitter and instagram. We realized that a number of our fans are not on those platforms and would prefer to stay updated through our blog. Hence, our new year’s resolution is to keep updating the blog regularly and in order to keep updated, please sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of our website.

We will quickly recap some of the highlights from last year that you might’ve missed. Without further a due, here’s the first production sample of Evil Ryu from the factory along with WIP of Oni Akuma’s base that we are currently working on:


We are quite happy with the sample the factory sent us. You will notice some minor improvements here and there on the sculpt itself. We will still be making some more improvements over the next couple of weeks. We will be heading to the factory in February to ensure that every single statue that will be shipped to you meets our QC standards. This is something very important to us and something we will NEVER compromise on!

You can also see from Oni’s base how seamlessly both of them will connect to create the diorama. Speaking of Oni, here’s the pose design of Oni if you have missed it:


And some more WIP:



And ofcourse, the inked lines of the full color art print that will come with the statue:



Here’s a little bonus…a photo of the Blanka bronze bust we made for Ono-san back in October as a token of appreciation for reviving the fighting game genre. 🙂



P.S – The CAT in the first photo is a hint of an announcement we will be making in the near future 😉