Thank You for Making the Kinetiquettes Invincible Line an Instant Success!

Kinetiquettes are thrilled to share the incredible news of the overwhelming response to Kinetiquettes’ Invincible statues within the community and across social media platforms. Ever since the debut of the Invincible Omniman: The Ambush and Invincible: Mark Grayson statues at Singapore Comic Con 2023 towards the end of last year, they’ve created a wave on social media.

Then with their recent preorders we have had an amazing response on social media and through online editorials. Click on the links below to read some 😊  


Kinetiquettes Debuts New Bloody Invincible Statue Featuring Omni-Man

Invincible Gets Bloody with Kinetiquettes Latest Mark Grayson Statue – Mark Grayson

Kinetiquettes unveils 1:4 scale Mark Grayson Invincible diorama

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Kinetiquettes Haohmaru (覇王丸) – The Ronin Vagabond statue

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