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“Mom is a figurative representation of a abstract feeling, the sentiment of been a proud parent, having a life that is your responsibility. Knowing that your decisions, good or bad will directly affect and shape the way this new creature will grow up to be. How its presence affects your behavior, the way you see the world. The moment when you know that no matter what, you will and always love it unconditionally. And that you would do absolutely anything for it.
To my daughter Lua…Thank you for bringing so much light and joy in to our life.”

-Franco Carlesimo


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Sculptor: Franco Carlesimo

Painter: Marisa Ferreyra a.k.a Oldmotherpaint

Background: The diorama depicts an alien world where a mother creature walks with her two infants. The extremely detailed sculpt and intricately painted statue has a small footprint but packs immense details. Containing clear resin parts showcasing the fragile life cycle and embryos inside the pregnant “mom”.

Edition size: Made-To-Order (MTO). Actual edition size will be announced after pre-orders are closed on 4 April 2021

Dimensions: L22 x W17 x H42 cm (approx.)

Weight: 5 kgs (approx.)

Shipping: Q2 2022

Materials: Polystone/Polyurethane resin

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