Dragon’s Lullaby

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Designed with and sculpted by Maria Panfilova, this is the third statue in our Artist Series. For the first time ever, in collaboration with Imba Interactive, Kinetiquettes presents an original music and ambient sound designed for a collectible.

In a world where dragons are neither fought or hunted, they are tamed by the melodies of music. The diorama depicts a serene mountain top where a musician plays a flute to calm the majestic dragon while surrounded by mystical creatures being curious. The scene is filled with details and easter eggs of the Chinese culture paying homage to the mythical creatures of the ancient times.


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Design: Maria Panfilova & Ean Keat Ong

Sculptor: Maria Panfilova

Painter: Adeeb Md

Edition size: Made-To-Order (MTO). Actual edition size will be announced after pre-orders are closed.

Dimensions: L33.9 x W31.8 x H40cm (approx.)

Weight: 8 kgs (approx.)

Shipping: Q3 2023

Materials: Polystone/Polyurethane resin

Special features: Original music and ambient sound design. LED light up features