Oni Akuma / 狂オシキ鬼 – 09.09 CombONI (statue + 2 prints + t-shirt)

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This is a diorama of Oni Akuma (狂オシキ鬼) performing his Ultra move: Tenchi Sokaigen. This dynamic detailed diorama shows the effect of literally shredding the roof top due to him charging forward.

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Background: Oni (鬼 Oni, “Demon”), also known as Kuruoshiki Oni (狂オシキ鬼 “Mad Demon”), is a character in the Street Fighter series. He makes his debut in the Arcade Edition update of Super Street Fighter IV as a secret boss and a playable character. Oni is in fact Akuma, who has become one with the Satsui no Hado entirely.

Estimated release date: Q4 2020

Edition size: 10 worldwide!

Dimensions: 45 cm X 42cm X  32cm (approx.)

Shipping Weight: 10kg (approx.)

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Note: Final product/prints may vary slightly as we keep making improvements during production

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