The Beast Unleashed diorama


This bundle consists of Ryu, and Evil Ryu, with each character displayable individually or together.

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Sculptor: Vimal Kerketta

Painter: Artizlabel

Background: Ryu (リュウ) is a video game character and protagonist of the Street Fighter series, first appearing in the original Street Fighter. He is an experienced martial artist, highly focused on his training, aiming to become the strongest he can. He is a silent, humble, and respectful individual; which is often juxtaposed against the light-hearted, fiery persona of his childhood friend, Ken. He wanders the world with the desire for complete mastery of his martial art, and takes both his travels and training seriously.

Evil Ryu (殺意の波動に目覚めたリュウ Satsui no Hadō ni Mezameta Ryū, “Ryu with the Surge of Murderous Intent Awakened”), abbreviated Satsui Ryu (殺意リュウ Satsui Ryū)in Street Fighter Zero 3 and in the Street Fighter IV series, orDark Ryu in the UDON comics, is a playable character in various Street Fighter games beginning with Street Fighter Alpha 2. He was originally introduced in the 1996 Street Fighter Zero manga series authored by Masaomi Nakahira, and later adapted into the Street Fighter games by Capcom.

Edition size: 220 pieces worldwide

Scale:  1/4 diorama

Dimensions: 50 x 35 x 38 cm (approx.)

Materials: Polystone/Polyurethane resin and artificial grass

Special features: LED light up (Evil Ryu)

Note: Final product may vary slightly as we keep making improvements during production

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