Brace yourselves!

Hi all,

Thanks for tuning in. With STGCC just around the corner, we have some special reveals and announcements coming in September.

Speaking of STGCC, don’t miss our live demo on Saturday on the main stage!


Furthermore, we will be fully revealing the sculpt and announcing the pre-order date of our first character of our Battle of the Brothers diorama. And we know you haven’t forgotten about our 1/4 scale levitating M.Bison. All we can say is “Stay Tuned!”

In case you haven’t noticed, our prints are done by some of the best artist’s in the industry. We already have prints by legends such as Sakimichan and Artgerm, but why stop there? Look for more awesome prints by big artists coming your way later this year! On the topic of prints, everyone’s favorite green mean beast just got his own Art Print! Ono-san approves ofcourse! As usual, it is printed using some of the highest quality ink and paper in the market. Enjoy!BlankaPrint