Thailand Comic Con & E.Ryu shipments!

Hope you guys enjoyed your long weekend. It was a tiring but fun weekend for us as we just returned from Thailand Comic Con. We were expecting to showcase Oni with Ryu, but unfortunately, we only had Ryu ready to display along with sneak peak at one of the upcoming premium art prints. We will have more info on those very soon.

Speaking of E.Ryu, production and QC is finally completed and shipping preparations are being made. We apologise for the delay but packaging foam was something that was out of our hands as it was being done by a third party and not our factory.  This is something we will have to take into account for the future to avoid delays.

You will receive remaining/shipping  payment requests next week. Please notify us of any address updates or ensure that your address is updated in your user account on our website. In the meantime,  here are some photos from the con:




A snap with our friends at XM Studios and H.M.O:


Some of the sketches our resident artist Kelvin a.k.a rocketraygun did for the fans at the event: