Komusó – 1/6 statue

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This is a statue depicting Komusó, the main character from Sam Henry’s original Amazon bestseller manga. The first in the all new Artist Series.
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Sculptor: Adeeb Md

Painter: Adeeb Md

Background: The Komusó was once a monk that embraced the serenity of nature. Now, he is a sojourner, his cursed blade tainted with the blood of thousands. He wanders Japan, leaving behind a trail of felled foes and challengers.

The draw of his katana is unmatched, his power is overwhelming. Sengoku Japan quavers at the very mention of this mysterious swordsman. Some call him ronin, others deem him Oni. Regardless of their titles, he knows what he is. The Komusó.

Estimated release date: Q4 2021

Edition size: TBA

Scale:  1/6

Dimensions: W36 x D46 x H34 cm (approx.)

Materials: Polystone/Polyurethane resin

Special features: artificial grass details

Kinetiquettes exclusive: Komusó new issue (EX variant Ninja Scroll tribute cover)

Note: Final product may vary slightly as we keep making improvements during production

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