Zinogre (ジンオウガ) – Electrifying Bundle

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This diorama depicts the iconic Zinogre from the Monster Hunter game performing it’s ground smash move as the male hunter, female hunter and Palico, all attired in Zinogre armor, are in the midst of battle against the Wvyern. Each of the hunters will come with their own individual base and all bases are separable, including the Palico. The diorama is coloured with glow in the dark paint for the lightning glow effect on various parts of the statues along with clear translucent resin for the lightning effects themselves. The statues can also be purchased individually here.

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Sculptor: Wandah Kurnikawan

Painter: Artizlabel

Background: Zinogre (ジンオウガ) is a quadrupedal monster with superficially lupine features. It has highly developed limbs, razor-sharp fangs and claws, and extremely powerful forelegs so strong that it can kill prey in one brutal blow. Despite its hulking size, Zinogre is very agile and is able to perform many impressive aerial and land-based maneuvers. Uniquely, Zinogre can ‘charge’ itself by summoning Thunderbugs from the vicinity, utilizing their natural electrical abilities for its own purposes, during which time its claws will emit blue light similar to the markings on its back.

A Hunter (ハンター) is a person that makes a living by hunting monsters and doing requests for civilians. They have a wide amount of knowledge and a higher exercise capacity compared to normal people, so this is a field of work that not too many can take part in.

Palicoes are cat-like combat companions in Monster Hunter. As a hunter’s reliable comrade out in the field, they specialize in a variety of offensive, defensive and restorative support abilities. They are reliable comrades while out on the hunt and will support you in numerous ways during quests, from attacking monsters to utilizing useful gadgets.

Edition size: 286

Scale:  1/10

Dimensions: L56 x W40 x H49 cm (approx.)

Weight: 9 kgs (approx.)

Shipping: Q4 2020

Materials: Polystone/Polyurethane resin

Special features: Translucent resin for lightning effects

Kinetiquettes exclusives:

A3 Art Print by Sandara Tang

Zinogre icon metal pin



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