Dizzy Shipping Update!


Hey there!

We have been receiving a lot of requests about Dizzy’s shipping status. So, we want to make sure everyone knows that she’s on schedule to start delivery in Q4 2020, by the end of the year.
Right now we are about to send all production pieces to our various warehouses worldwide. After we receive her there we’ll then begin delivery to it’s final destination.

To anyone wondering why production took such a long time to get done, Dizzy was one of our most ambitious and intrinsically detailed projects, not only by an aesthetical perspective, but also from an engineering point of view. We wanted to make sure everything is on par with our quality standards before delivering her to your kollection, not to mention the covid situation that took its toll on logistics everywhere.

So, the wait is almost over! We deeply appreciate your patience and we’ll do our best to make sure this Guilty Gear icon gets shipped ASAP! Dizzy, Necro and Undine are getting there!