Unveiling Omniman: The Ambush –Kinetiqettes X Skybound Entertainment!

Prepare for an exhilarating journey into the world of Invincible as Kinetiqettes partners with Skybound Entertainment to introduce Omniman: The Ambush! 🌟 In this dynamic statue, we revisit the gripping battle from the first episode, where Omniman systematically takes down the Guardians of the Globe one by one.

The statue beautifully captures the epic moment with Omniman wielding War Woman’s mace and a chilling base featuring the fallen Guardians. It’s a true homage to the intensity of the Invincible series, allowing fans to relive this pivotal scene in stunning detail.

Immerse Yourself in the Full Gallery

Here is a 360 degree look at Omniman: The Ambush!

🌎 Explore the intricate details, craftsmanship, and artistry that bring this iconic scene to life.

Whether you’re a dedicated fan or a collector, this gallery is a must-see to fully appreciate the depth and emotion captured in this limited edition masterpiece.

Secure Your Limited Edition Masterpiece!

Mark your calendars! Pre-orders for Omniman: The Ambush open on January 26th at 11 pm SGT/10 am EST. This is your chance to own a piece of Invincible history, so don’t miss out! The limited edition nature of this masterpiece from Kinetiqettes ensures its exclusivity and desirability.

🔥 Act fast to secure your spot among the lucky owners of this extraordinary collectible.

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Immerse yourself in the Invincible universe with Omniman: The Ambush – a testament to the collaboration between Kinetiqettes and Skybound Entertainment. This limited edition masterpiece is set to become a cherished highlight in the collections of fans and collectors alike. Don’t miss your chance to own a piece of Invincible history!

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End-of-Year Recap and Thank You from Kinetiquettes

Dear Kinetiquettes Community,

As we bid farewell to 2023, we want to express our deepest gratitude to each and every one of you who has supported our journey. Your passion and enthusiasm for our collectibles have truly fueled us along the way and we could not be more thankful.

2023 Roundup

This year, Kinetiquettes delivered the last of our outstanding products, the long-awaited statues from Capcom’s Street Fighter 2 – featuring War Heroes Guile and Charlie/Nash, as well as SNK’s Fatal Fury’s villainous CEO, Geese. We went the extra mile by providing a complimentary additional head for Chun-Li and replacement parts for Guilty Gear’s Dizzy. Ensuring our customers receive the best product from us.

New Statues for 2023

We’re excited to have put up some incredible statues for pre-order this year, including the following


Samurai Showdown – Haohmaru


Darkstalkers – Demitri

Guilty Gear – Sol and Ky

Arc System Works Blazblue – Rachel

Netflix Stranger Things – Vecna

Artist Collaborations

Our collaboration with renowned artists has been a highlight of 2023. Stanley “Artgerm” Liu has continued to work alongside us with our Street Fighter’s female line Chun Li and now Cammy White, along with Darkstalkers, Morrigan and Lilith, The Succubus Sisters diorama. Additionally, Ross Tran’s Black Lotus Artist Series featured Nima Nazomi, and Franco Carlesimo worked on Mom and the Stranger Things Vecna.

Singapore Comic Con 2023 Highlights

Participating in Singapore Comic Con was an absolute pleasure. Meeting our fans and highlighting our hard work from behind the scenes was a rewarding experience. The positive reception of our products, including Invincible and Omniman from Image Comics/Amazon Prime’s hit TV show “Invincible”, Street Fighter’s Cammy White and SNK’s Leona Heidern, fueled our commitment to excellence.

Expanding Horizons in 2023 and beyond

With the expansion of our Marketing team, we have exciting plans in place to extend our social media presence. Expect regular live streams and a posting schedule that ensures communication is clear, concise, and consistent. Our goal is to keep you informed and engaged as we embark on this journey together.

As we reflect on our growth, we have started thinking beyond gaming and anime statues. Our collaboration with Netflix on Stranger Things – Vecna marked our first venture with Mighty Jaxx. The teasers for Invincible and Omniman at Singapore Comic Con 2023 demonstrate our commitment to exploring new licenses.

In 2024, brace yourselves for more surprises as we expand our collection with licenses that will surprise and delight you. Rest assured, we remain dedicated to our core lines, such as Capcom’s Street Fighter and SNK’s King Of Fighters.

As we usher in the new year, we extend our warmest wishes to all of you. Thank you for being a pivotal part of this incredible journey. Here is to an amazing 2024!

Warm regards,

The Kinetiquettes Team

A Recap of Singapore Comic Con 2023

Singapore Comic Con 2023 has bid farewell, leaving behind a trail of excitement, creativity, and positive responses. As the doors of the convention center closed, the team at Kinetiquettes reflected on the whirlwind of a weekend that was SGCC, grateful for the opportunity to connect with fans and friends alike.

One of the highlights of the event was the enthusiastic reception of Kinetiquettes’ latest reveals. The anticipation and buzz surrounding the showcased pieces were not only visable at the convention but also reflected in the online community. The team was thrilled to witness the excitement and passion of fans, making the tireless effort to set up the showcase well worth it.

Engaging with fans is a priority for Kinetiquettes, and despite the mad rush to display prototypes that were far from final, the team values the feedback received during these events. This open dialogue with the community allows Kinetiquettes to not only gauge the excitement surrounding their creations but also identify potential issues in the sculpt, paint, and engineering aspects of our pieces.

“We are not afraid to show them early because we genuinely care about what you think, your feedback is invaluable to us, and it helps us refine and perfect our creations.”  

Adeeb – Kinetiquettes Co-Founder

The commitment to excellence doesn’t stop with the showcase. Kinetiquettes is dedicated to going above and beyond to deliver not just a final prototype but an impeccable final product. Constructive criticism is not just accepted but welcomed, and the team is always willing to make necessary adjustments based on feedback from the community.

As the curtain falls on SGCC 2023, the Kinetiquettes team is gearing up for the next phase of their creative journey. Despite the exhaustion that comes with organizing and participating in such events, it’s back to work for the passionate team.

Here’s a glimpse into what lies ahead:

1. Morrigan and Lilith: Expect major changes to the composition and facial sculpts, along with added elements to the base design. The team aims to improve fitting and placement of the acrylic eyes to enhance the overall aesthetic.

2. Cammy: Head size is set for a resize to match body proportions, and improvements will be made to enhance the fitting of the acrylic eyes, ensuring a harmonious and well-balanced design.

3. Leona: The engineering of the statue will be completed, and painting, including work on the alternate bust, is in the pipeline. Attention to detail is key as Kinetiquettes strives for perfection in every aspect of this particular piece.

4. Omniman: Final touch-ups to the paintjob are on the agenda, preparing these iconic characters for their eagerly awaited pre-order launch.

5. Invincible: Final touch-ups to the paintjob are on the agenda, preparing these iconic characters for their eagerly awaited pre-order launch.

The journey from showcase to perfection is an intricate one, and Kinetiquettes is fully committed to delivering exceptional collectibles that capture the essence of the characters they represent. The dedication to transparency, open communication, and continuous improvement sets Kinetiquettes apart, making them a dynamic force in the world of collectibles. As we dive back into our creative process, fans can eagerly anticipate the evolution of these incredible pieces and the continued passion that drives the Kinetiquettes team forward.

Less Than 24 Hours Until SGCC 2023 Full Reveals!

The anticipation is reaching its peak as we approach the final moments before the grand reveals at SGCC 2023! Our week of teasers has set the stage, and now, with less than 24 hours to go, our level of excitement is ready to explode.

🚀 Countdown is On!

😍 Which piece are you eagerly anticipating seeing fully revealed at SGCC 2023?

Omniman from the Image comic and the hit Amazon animated show, Invincible.

Invincible himself, son of Omniman and the titular character.

Our next collaboration with the uber-talented Artgerm will debut at Singapore Comic Con – SGCC: Morrigan and Lilith.

Our last tease was for Leona Heidern from the popular fighting game King of Fighters.

Catch Us at the Convention: Booth Number L1-E04

Whether you’re attending the convention or not, we’ve got you covered! Visit us at Booth Number L1-E04 if you’re there, or stay tuned to our social channels for exclusive content.

Connect with Us:

Get ready for an unforgettable SGCC 2023 experience! 🎉✨

Unveiling the Vampiric Heiress – Rachel Alucard Diorama Preorder!

Greetings, Kinetiquettes Kollectors! Today, we are thrilled to announce the preorder for the breathtaking Rachel Alucard – Vampiric Heiress diorama, a true masterpiece that captures the essence of the enigmatic character from BlazBlue.


Rachel Alucard, a vampire and the head of the Alucard Clan, is no stranger to those familiar with the BlazBlue universe. Daughter of Clavis Alucard, she watches over the world from the majestic Alucard Castle alongside her loyal butler, Valkenhayn R. Hellsing. Armed with the Sankishin: Tsukuyomi Unit and devoid of a life-force value, Rachel is a formidable and captivating presence in the world of BlazBlue.

Preorder Information:

Start Date and Time: December 1st at 11:00 PM (Singapore Time)

Waitlist Link: Rachel Alucard Preorder

Diorama Highlights:

This 1/7 scale diorama, conceptualized by the talented Kelvin Chan, showcases Rachel Alucard in a serene moment within the grounds of her imposing castle. The scene beautifully depicts her surrounded by her faithful familiars – Nago and Gii. Marvel at the captivating sight of Rachel, using Nago as a swing to hover, while Gii takes a comfortable perch on her lap.


The intricate details of this diorama come to life through the skillful hands of Lana Layzar, Kelvin Chan, and Adeeb Md – a trio of exceptional sculptors who have breathed life into Rachel Alucard’s character with precision and artistry.

Release Information:

  • Estimated Release Date: Q4 2024
  • Edition Size: Made-To-Order (MTO)
  • Materials: Polystone/Polyurethane Resin
  • Dimensions: L22 x D20 x H39cm
  • Shipping Weight: Approximately 4kgs

Don’t miss your chance to own a piece of the BlazBlue universe with the Rachel Alucard – Vampiric Heiress diorama. Secure your preorder now and become part of an exclusive group of collectors who will bring this stunning creation into their cherished collections.

Thank you for your continued support, and may your collections be ever enriched with the allure of exceptional craftsmanship!

The Kinetiquettes Team

Important Note: Please be aware that the final product may undergo slight variations as Kinetiquettes continually strives to make improvements during the production process, ensuring that you receive a truly exceptional piece of art.