Akuma is here!


Here comes a new challenger! The third fighter of the Battle of the Brothers line just entered the ring! Akuma is one of the most feared characters in the Street Fighter universe, and also considered to be one of the most powerful. Having given up on his humanity to pursue the way of the fist, this bestial martial artist succumbed in his thirst for power for the Satsui no Hado. Now he pursues Ryu trying to awake on him the same dark energy that consumed himself.
Akuma is also famous for his offensive gameplay style and has been featured as a secret boss not only in the street fighter series but also on other fighting game crossovers from Capcom, giving him the status of myth for many years. The wait was long but the secret challenger is now available to be added to your Street Fighter collection!
Matching the same style of Ryu and Ken, Akuma was also sculpted traditionally by the talented Thiago Provin and was designed to fit in the battle scene in the old japanese temple against the shotokan fighters. In case you missed the first two pieces, Akuma can also be displayed by himself.
We are happy to offer two versions: the RAGING DEMON diorama & the EX ALPHA version which comes with an interchangeable torso! Furthermore, there will be extremely limited quantities of a full BUNDLE of the 3 character dioramas available exclusively on our website which includes now the sold out Ryu and Ken dioramas. Pre-orders are now open!
Music credit: Patrick Gill – Akuma Rises (Street Fighter – Assassin’s Fist)
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