Deep Thoughts With The Deeb – All new series

With the new year, we are launching an all new series showcasing various stages of making-of while providing updates on production and timelines of our various projects. Let us know what you’d like to see from behind the scenes in the future videos!

00:00 Intro

00:11 Greetings

00:50 Goals for Kinetiquettes

02:20 Chun-Li & Rathalos shipping

03:34 War Heroes

04:12 Geese

04:20 Dizzy replacements

05:03 Upcoming pre-orders and productions

06:06 Intention of this series

06:20 Outro

Production Updates

Hello folks! In this early November we are happy to inform that we have some major production updates to share with you. We are sure that Capcom and Street Fighter fans are up for a treat!

War Heroes… yes, those two have taken their time. We have informed in a few occasions in the past that this project got pushed back due to some factory changes that impact in its schedule but the project is back on track and production has evolved a lot. We take this chance to apologize for the delay and to assure that its completion is closer than it has ever been.

And while we are on the Street Fighter page, Chun Li has finished her quality rounds check and she is almost ready to go! We are super satisfied with the results achieved and we cannot wait to start sending her out!

Last but not least, our last batch of Rathalos pieces is almost done and shipping should be happening right after. Our first batch has already been sent to our warehouses. Since transport is done by ship this can take a few months but rest assured hunters, The King of the Skies is on its way. Here are some “army” pics for your enjoyment:

To wrap this up, we really value everyone’s patience. We know the waiting game is hard and sometimes takes its toll on us kollectors but we must say that those last couple of years were extremely challenging regarding production and factory availability. And although things certainly haven’t come back to normal yet, we are definitely walking torward better days. Expect Geese Howard news soon. Thanks!!

Final QC and checks for Chun-Li

Hey folks! Just a quick update on the status of Chun-Li. We met up with Stanley “Artgerm” himself to do some final checks and tweaks on her. Rest assured we are working hard and can’t wait to show all the exciting things happening in the behind the scenes.

Akuma is here!


Here comes a new challenger! The third fighter of the Battle of the Brothers line just entered the ring! Akuma is one of the most feared characters in the Street Fighter universe, and also considered to be one of the most powerful. Having given up on his humanity to pursue the way of the fist, this bestial martial artist succumbed in his thirst for power for the Satsui no Hado. Now he pursues Ryu trying to awake on him the same dark energy that consumed himself.
Akuma is also famous for his offensive gameplay style and has been featured as a secret boss not only in the street fighter series but also on other fighting game crossovers from Capcom, giving him the status of myth for many years. The wait was long but the secret challenger is now available to be added to your Street Fighter collection!
Matching the same style of Ryu and Ken, Akuma was also sculpted traditionally by the talented Thiago Provin and was designed to fit in the battle scene in the old japanese temple against the shotokan fighters. In case you missed the first two pieces, Akuma can also be displayed by himself.
We are happy to offer two versions: the RAGING DEMON diorama & the EX ALPHA version which comes with an interchangeable torso! Furthermore, there will be extremely limited quantities of a full BUNDLE of the 3 character dioramas available exclusively on our website which includes now the sold out Ryu and Ken dioramas. Pre-orders are now open!
Music credit: Patrick Gill – Akuma Rises (Street Fighter – Assassin’s Fist)

Rathalos PO extended till November 1st!

In the last week we received a surprisingly amount of requests to prolongue the Pre Order window for Rathalos. Many people also lost the chance to pre order Zinogre and we want to make sure this doesnt happen again in the future.

To show our appreciation for the Monster Hunter fan base and the love and support coming from them, we will be offering another chance for the fans to secure their Rathalos set.

Pre order is now set to close in November 1st! That means, its less than a week away… don’t miss it!

Happy hunting!

GEESE HOWARD – The Villainous CEO awaits!

The ultimate Fatal Fury boss is almost here to face off against our much sought after Lone Wolf! Performing his Reppuken special move as he shreds the ground, this diorama stands close 62cm tall our largest quarter scale statue to date. Join the wishlist HERE and enjoy the gallery below!

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Victor asks – Episode 002 – The most challenging aspect of statue production!

Hey guys! Did you hear about our series of weekly casual videos where we discuss about the statues industry and the business related to it? Well, in case you didn’t know, our community manager Victor and our creative director Adeeb are gathering once a week (sort of) for a very informal and casual talk about producing official licensed products.

We think its important to create a space where people can talk about the many aspects that surrounds this industry. Please, join us and let us know if there’s anything you would like to know on the next episodes. The link for the episode 002 is right below. Here we tell what we think its the most challenging aspect of statue production!