Hope everyone’s having a good weekend. Here are some updates. More to come in the upcoming Deeb Thoughts With The Deeb episode

War Heroes: Shipments are in route and will reach customers once we sort them at the respective warehouses. Some customers should have received them already as they have been sent via air freight directly for China

Geese: Packing is completed. Emails sent to customers for address confirmation. Shipments are being sent out to warehouses next week. Some customers in Australasia will be shipped direct to customers from China.

Chun-Li new parts: Production on-going. QC expected to begin next month.

Dizzy parts: This unfortunately is taking longer than expected as the factory is prioritizing other projects over parts production but we are trying to get the project completed quickly as possible. Update in the next episode.

Franco’s Mom: Production under way. Expected updates in August.

Haohmaru: Production under way. This project is a bit further ahead as we committed to setting the edition size early to only 200 worldwide. The statue will start shipping before end of the year!

NEW Demitri variant and production updates

At Kinetiquettes, we are always listening and doing our best to help you, the customer. And hence, we are happy to announce an all-new variant for Demitri for a more affordable point of entry for this unique Darkstalkers collectible. Do not worry, those who have already placed their orders, can change their orders to the new SKU if they wish to. As a result, we are extending pre-orders a little longer for this limited edition piece of art here.

On the production and shipping side of things, we have started shipping War Heroes and expecting to start shipping Geese this month as we are in the final phase of quality checks.

Dont forget that Haohmaru pre-orders will be closing end of April. We are already working on the pre-production samples. Have you secured your order?


Thanks for the great responses from all those who have received their Chun-Li. We are happy to see all the photos of her from your collections.

We also appreciate the feedback regarding the translucent skin for her. To show our appreciation and dedication to quality, we will be sending all new additional non-translucent swap outs for Chun-Li head and arms for all who have purchased her direct or via our retailer partners at no extra cost. We will always do our best to ensure that every single customer is happy with our products. Thank you again for the continued support and trust.

We are currently producing them and expecting to start shipping them out mid of the year. We will have more specific shipping timeline in the near future. We are also working out the logistics of how we will ship to those who bought through a retail partner. We may ship directly to you or to our retail partner to help us to distribute.

Happy Kollecting.

Deep Thoughts With The Deeb – All new series

With the new year, we are launching an all new series showcasing various stages of making-of while providing updates on production and timelines of our various projects. Let us know what you’d like to see from behind the scenes in the future videos!

00:00 Intro

00:11 Greetings

00:50 Goals for Kinetiquettes

02:20 Chun-Li & Rathalos shipping

03:34 War Heroes

04:12 Geese

04:20 Dizzy replacements

05:03 Upcoming pre-orders and productions

06:06 Intention of this series

06:20 Outro

Production Updates

Hello folks! In this early November we are happy to inform that we have some major production updates to share with you. We are sure that Capcom and Street Fighter fans are up for a treat!

War Heroes… yes, those two have taken their time. We have informed in a few occasions in the past that this project got pushed back due to some factory changes that impact in its schedule but the project is back on track and production has evolved a lot. We take this chance to apologize for the delay and to assure that its completion is closer than it has ever been.

And while we are on the Street Fighter page, Chun Li has finished her quality rounds check and she is almost ready to go! We are super satisfied with the results achieved and we cannot wait to start sending her out!

Last but not least, our last batch of Rathalos pieces is almost done and shipping should be happening right after. Our first batch has already been sent to our warehouses. Since transport is done by ship this can take a few months but rest assured hunters, The King of the Skies is on its way. Here are some “army” pics for your enjoyment:

To wrap this up, we really value everyone’s patience. We know the waiting game is hard and sometimes takes its toll on us kollectors but we must say that those last couple of years were extremely challenging regarding production and factory availability. And although things certainly haven’t come back to normal yet, we are definitely walking torward better days. Expect Geese Howard news soon. Thanks!!

Final QC and checks for Chun-Li

Hey folks! Just a quick update on the status of Chun-Li. We met up with Stanley “Artgerm” himself to do some final checks and tweaks on her. Rest assured we are working hard and can’t wait to show all the exciting things happening in the behind the scenes.