Ken is coming

We are glad to say that Ken is almost nearing the end of production. We have just finished QC and now getting ready for the packaging. Once packaging is complete, he is expected to be shipped to our warehouse next month. And we will start shipping him out in batches soon after. Here’s some photos to whet your appetite in the meantime 🙂





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Femme Fatale – 1/6 dioramas

This is the most requested project by you, the fans…and so we are gladly obliging. Let’s show some love for the ladies of Street Fighter. We are not done yet though…stay tuned 😉


Devil May Cry – Sons of Sparda dioramas

Are you ready? Our Devil May Cry – Sons of Sparda dioramas are done and ready to be printed.

There are two sets of statues:

Dante: Human and Devil Trigger version

Vergil: Human and Devil Trigger version

We will let the pictures speak for themselves:










Here are high resolution turnarounds if each character for your viewing pleasure:

Ken edition size, production update, Ryu teaser

Hi all,

Production is well under way for our upcoming Battle of the Brother – Ken. We have also started progress on the next character in this line. We have decided to reduce the edition size of Ken to 300 only worldwide, hence we only have a few left in stock. So get yours now before they are all completely gone either from our website or any of our retail partners. Here are some early production photos:




And here’s a quick teaser of our The Beast Unleashed diorama which will be fully revealed next week:


2 years have passed

Today Kinetiquettes is 2 years old. We can’t believe time flies so fast. We’ve come so far in such a short time. It feels like it’s just the other day we sat and decided to establish the studio. Thanks to everyone who supported, critiqued, collaborated and guided us. We would never have imagined to have come this far without your help.

Thanks again from the bottom of our hearts. We will keep striving to bring the most creative and innovate collectibles. As the wandering warrior himself said “The answer lies in the heart of battle!”


Kinetiquettes X Capcom X Madcatz – The Beast Unleashed

Here is the announcement that everyone was eagerly waiting for:

This project is a partnership between Kinetiquettes, Capcom, Madcatz and Daigo Umehara to introduce the first of its kind collectible for fighting game fans and collectors . The diorama depicts  Ryu and Evil Ryu, in a Yin Yang themed base as these characters were primarily used by Daigo in Street Fighter IV. It celebrates the end of the era which rejuvinated fighting games and gave the world a glimpse at some of the greatest players in the community. Daigo Umehara won multiple EVO world championships and tournaments and placed top 8 consistently over the years. The diorama comes with all three characters giving fans the option to display each character separately or together as they see fit.



Two more days

To the EPIC announcement of our new diorama celebrating the end of the Street Fighter 4 era.