Introducing Fine Art Prints!

Hi all,

Now that we are fully equipped to produce fine art museum quality archival prints, we are launching a new type of prints.

These are smaller and inexpensive compared to our Premium Art Prints, but quality will be equally good as we are using the same ink and archival paper.



Also do note that due to the archival natural of all our prints, they require special handling. Hence the following instruction sheet will be provided:Handling

Premium Art Prints upgrade

Hi everyone,

You will be happy to know that we have upgraded our Premium Art prints pipeline. We had received feedback that our prints were not upto par and hence have decided to take matters into our own hands.


We just recently received our Canon IPF6410 printer and have decided to use one of the best museum quality archival fine art paper manufacturer in the market. After doing some tests on some of their different range of cotton papers, we have decided to go with Canson Infinity Edition Etching 310gsm Rag and the results were simply phenomenal. The colours are richer with deeper blacks and great contrast.


We want to ensure that everyone that ordered from us receives their’s in the highest quality that we can provide and if you do decide to frame them up, with the proper care, they will definitely be a show-piece that lasts a lifetime .

Evil Ryu in the house!


We’ve finally received E.Ryu in our hands and we will be starting to ship them out in batches.

We are now checking them one by one to ensure they arrived in good condition. You should be receiving remaining/shipping payment notifications over the weekend. Once the payment is made, we will proceed with processing your order. Also, if there are any updates to your shipping address, please do inform us to prevent any wrong deliveries.



Again, thanks for your patience and understanding. He will be on his way to you very soon.

Important updates!

Hi everyone,

Again, we can’t apologize enough for the E.Ryu delays. This is our first product and we are learning a lot of things along the way and trying to deliver the best that we can. We originally expected to start shipping in April but unfortunately due to unforeseen delays in packaging, we had to wait for things to move forward. But finally we are glad to say that E.Ryu has been packed and heading to our warehouse.
Once we receive them, we will immediately start shipping them out in batches. So we are hoping for your patience and understanding once again. Please kindly bear with us a little longer!

Now for some exciting news… we have recently revealed our first Thundercats diorama designs in an interview for our friends at Preorders for the first diorama of Lion-O V.S Mumm-Ra expected to start some time in July. So stay tuned!
pool (1)

We are also happy to announce that we will be launching our Premium Art Print store soon. We will be starting off with a bang with prints of Juri and Shadowloo Dolls done by none other than our good friends Artgerm and Zeen from Pirateship Studio.


Last but definitely not least, with the exciting reveal of our favorite dictator for Street Fighter V, we are happy to announce that we are working on our first 1/4 scale statue. We will let the concept do the talking 🙂


Battle of the Brothers diorama

You voted and we are executing!

We are super excited to reveal the Battle of the Brothers dioramas, first of which will be released later this year.

We are working with a very talented sculptor to make this line happen. Let us know who you would like to see first in this line.

Note that this is a rough concept and proportions/poses will be tweaked along the way.


Thailand Comic Con & E.Ryu shipments!

Hope you guys enjoyed your long weekend. It was a tiring but fun weekend for us as we just returned from Thailand Comic Con. We were expecting to showcase Oni with Ryu, but unfortunately, we only had Ryu ready to display along with sneak peak at one of the upcoming premium art prints. We will have more info on those very soon.

Speaking of E.Ryu, production and QC is finally completed and shipping preparations are being made. We apologise for the delay but packaging foam was something that was out of our hands as it was being done by a third party and not our factory.  This is something we will have to take into account for the future to avoid delays.

You will receive remaining/shipping  payment requests next week. Please notify us of any address updates or ensure that your address is updated in your user account on our website. In the meantime,  here are some photos from the con:




A snap with our friends at XM Studios and H.M.O:


Some of the sketches our resident artist Kelvin a.k.a rocketraygun did for the fans at the event:









Video Diary 03 is here!

Thanks to everyone who made our first statue a success. We are almost at the finish line. Here’s a look at some of the process and an update on the current status:

Oni Akuma pre-orders are LIVE!


Here it is…finally! Oni pre-orders are LIVE! We are not only offering a 10% discount for full payment for a limited time only but also offering instalment payment option for monthly payment convenience.We have also declared the shipping price for Oni. We have scoured for the most affordable and secure shipping option for you and this is the best we could do. It actually costs us more to ship these solid 20lbs. (9kgs) polystone statues to you, but we understand your concerns and have decided to absorb some of the shipping/handling costs. We always want our customers to feel that what they are getting is worth their money and rest assured that directly supporting us will give you special access and discounts to future products.

Without further delay, here is the link for Oni:

Oni Akuma / 狂オシキ鬼 – 1/6 scale diorama

Do let us know if you have any issues ordering. We will assist the best we can. 🙂