SGCC is almost here!

Hey guys!

Singapore Comic Con is just around the corner and we cannot wait to show what we have been working on recently. In the 2022 edition, Kinetiquettes will be in the biggest booth in the event with the awesome guys from Mighty Jaxx!

This week we’ll be sharing sneak peeks of the things we’re bringing this year. Be sure to check on us in our social media channels. See ya!!


Production Updates

Hello folks! In this early November we are happy to inform that we have some major production updates to share with you. We are sure that Capcom and Street Fighter fans are up for a treat!

War Heroes… yes, those two have taken their time. We have informed in a few occasions in the past that this project got pushed back due to some factory changes that impact in its schedule but the project is back on track and production has evolved a lot. We take this chance to apologize for the delay and to assure that its completion is closer than it has ever been.

And while we are on the Street Fighter page, Chun Li has finished her quality rounds check and she is almost ready to go! We are super satisfied with the results achieved and we cannot wait to start sending her out!

Last but not least, our last batch of Rathalos pieces is almost done and shipping should be happening right after. Our first batch has already been sent to our warehouses. Since transport is done by ship this can take a few months but rest assured hunters, The King of the Skies is on its way. Here are some “army” pics for your enjoyment:

To wrap this up, we really value everyone’s patience. We know the waiting game is hard and sometimes takes its toll on us kollectors but we must say that those last couple of years were extremely challenging regarding production and factory availability. And although things certainly haven’t come back to normal yet, we are definitely walking torward better days. Expect Geese Howard news soon. Thanks!!

Singapore Comic Con, here we go!

And we are back! We’re happy to announce that this year Kinetiquettes will be attending SGCC with a bunch of news to share! First of all, we’ll be under Mighty Jaxx umbrella, which means the biggest booth in the expo will be ours!
As we approach the event date we’ll be showing a lot of reveals and teasers of our upcoming projects, some of which we haven’t even introduced yet! Please follow us while we build the hype for the best weekend you can possibily expect in the next December! Stay tuned!

Rathalos shipping update

Hello Hunters!

We have exciting news. After a tough time handling logistics in a pandemic world we are finally back on track with our projects. Our Rathalos “King of the Skies” piece has just resumed shipping and we’re happy to let kollectors know that the next batch is soon heading to its destinations.

Right now pieces will be leaving our factory in China and proceeding to our warehouses in Asia, Europe and North Amercia. As soon as this phase is completed our local team will forward each and every package to its final shipping address and will inform everyone of its tracking number.

We are aware the wait has been long, much longer than it normally is. So we really appreciate everyone’s support and patience. We are striving to boost production speed and quality with each release and we deeply value our costumers experience.

So, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you. We can now say your Rathalos is almost coming your way. Cheers! Have a nice weekend!

Attack on Titan diorama, “Hope for Humanity” is finally here!

“I’m Gonna Destroy Them! Every Last One of Those Animals That’s On This Earth!”Years in the making…Kinetiquettes is thrilled to announce its first major anime license release! Hajime Isayama’s Attack on Titan took the world by storm in 2009 with its rich narrative, intricate characters and mysteries. With more than 100 million copies sold worldwide, the universe that he created inspired the release of a renowned anime series, movies, videogames and other products.

Today we present you “Hope for Humanity”, our massive 1/10 diorama featuring the beloved characters of the show. Here, the Scout Regiment are placing their biggest gamble to uncover the truth behind the Titans’ origins and to recover part of its lost territory.
This diorama captures the action happening during Eren Jaeger’s transformation, in an explosion of movement and effects aided by led light-up features. By his side is Mikasa Ackermann, his childhood friend and one of the corps most skilled soldier, together with Levi, considered to be by many as humanity’s greatest warrior.
For purchase options the three pieces can be bought separately or together in a special bundle. Each one comes with their own unique bases full of references and details that can be combined to compose an even bigger scene!
This is the definitive piece for your Attack on Titan collection! Pre-orders are now open for a very limited time. Orders placed in Kinetiquettes website comes with an exclusive metal PIN for display and flexible payment plans are also available.
Full Gallery and PO here:

Kinetiquettes joins Mighty Jaxx!

We are very thrilled to share with our fans, friends and collaborators some exciting news. Kinetiquettes is entering in a new cycle of growth and our Creative Director took some time to kindly share the news with us earlier today:
“Since Kelvin, Keat, Woon and I came together way back in 2014 over a coffee break, we faced a lot of ups and downs over the years. We made some strides and we had utter failures but through it all, we always had the opportunity to do what we love because of all of you who have followed, critiqued and supported us over the years. Today is the day we can happily say our blood, sweat and tears have finally come to fruition. We are now part of the Mighty Jaxx umbrella which has been in the works for almost a year.
What does this mean for Kinetiquettes? It means that we can finally kick into high gear and truly unleash our potential as a collectible studio. This opportunity not only gives us access to more resources and IPs to bring to the fans but also work together with MJ to bring unique experiences to the Kollectors. This also means that all our projects will not only have a faster delivery (including those still in production) while striving for the highest quality like we always have. There are so many things already happening in the background right now that I can’t wait to share with you all. But all I can say for now is THANK YOU for sticking with us all these years. We promise to work even harder to bring you the most epic versions of your favorite characters to life.”
Adeeb Mynul, creative director.
More info available HERE

Dragon’s Lullaby – Behind the Scenes

Our next project from the Artists Series is still available for Pre Order for a limited time. “Dragon’s Lullaby” is a work resulted from Kinetiquettes’ creative team and Maria Panfilova sculpting magic. This piece also features exclusive sound and light effects designed in partnership with Imba Interactive to create a very unique atmosphere.
To celebrate this occasion we have the pleasure of sharing a very special Q&A session with the legendary artist herself. Please enjoy!
Pre order now at:
K – Maria, you seem to really take a lot of inspiration from fantasy creatures like dragons and mythological figures. Is there any particular reason for that or is it just a matter of taste?
M – Since childhood I loved animals and anime and fantasy. In my work there is a mix of all I love 🙂
Its definitely very fun to sculpt. Making creature you I have a wide range of tools for showing character’s personality.
K – In this new project with Kinetiquettes we can clearly identify elements from the Chinese culture. Could you tell us a bit of the creative process behind it? How much freedom did you have sculpting it?
M – We wanted to create diorama showing the beauty and aesthetics of Chinese culture. The initial concept was made by Ean Keat Ong. When I saw it I loved the potential and and decided to participate. Starting from a concept we had a lot of discussions and elaborations of the shapes of the dragon and the environment. We tried out a large number of shapes of the dragon, it was very challenging but interesting to make the dragon and the environment work together. I like to create flow between different elements.
K – It’s really impressive how much recognition your work has nowadays. The level of anatomic details on those fantastic creatures has truly become part of your signature. How did your sculpting journey start out?
M- I started learning 3d sculpting around year 2010, and since 2012 I always worked for some studios – animation and game projects.
Right now, I’m working on animation project too, but collectibles is also my passion. As a freelancer I try to do both.
But aside from that I always sculpted something else in my free time. It could be just anatomy studies, or something more creative if I have the right mood and let it go.
I think doing it consistently for a long time – working plus doing personal works helped me a lot to grow. On top of that I always have doubts about my path and thinking what should I do next. I think not only working but searching for new inspirations, getting a new life knowledge and experience is also a part of artistic path.
K – Do you draw inspiration from other media like videogames and animated movies? Sekiro, kung fu panda, spirited away, they all drink from similar fountains too.
M – Of course – videogames and anime is what attracted me to this industry initially. Especially fantasy genre. Although when I play nowadays I doing it more for fun than for soaking art. The last game I enjoyed to play is Disco Elysium. I’m also into VR games – my favourite is ‘Until you fall’
K – There is always a very interesting level of contrast in your projects: in the “encounter” we have the meeting of a dragon and a mouse, in “soft toe” and “abduction” there is the conjunction of delicate beauty and strong fantastic creatures. Now we have the dragon watching over the flute playing panda. Is this a pattern you like to explore? They are all very cool!
M – Yeah I pretty often have a pair of characters in my work 😃 I guess some interaction between characters always more interesting and tells more story. In the interaction characters are not just being but they also living a life.
K – When we interviewed Artgerm he told us that he always wanted to become an artist. Did you grew up with any kind of artistic inspiration? Was sculpting/drawing something you always wanted to do since an early age?
M – At first I drew for fun. I did fan arts of my favourite games and did some animations in Flash. But I couldn’t find a way to make it a profession. I thought it unrealistic and were looking for more ‘serious’ professions. Only in 20 years old I realised that its more than realistic to learn some 3d software and start making money as 3D artist. And it was very fun to do from the beginning!
K – Whats your default sculpting method? Are all of your works done digitally or clay sculpting is also something you resort to?
M – No, for sculpting I only use zbrush. I like to do some lousy sketch in 2d and using it as a start idea make it in 3d. Lately I try to avoid sculpting in symmetry and try not to go too deep into details using sculptris-pro in zbrush, this approach I feels a bit closer to traditional clay sculpting.
K – Side question since we may not have this opportunity any time soon (laughs). Since its a franchise we work with and also features monster and creatures, does Maria Panfilova play Monster Hunter? What’s your favourite weapon and creature?
M – Haha I actually tried to play Monster Hunter but I realised its very time consuming and dropped it. Being a 3d sculptor is a very time-consuming profession, I have to admit I had to play much less games nowadays.
K – Let’s talk about the special features of this piece. Were any of them part of your ideas? How do you feel sound and light effects add up to a statue that is already original? Do you see those kinds of features appearing more in the future?
M – I think this statue is about feel of cosiness and peace. We tried to achieve that in many ways setting up the environment, adding elements. The sound and light will definitely help with that. Collectible industry goes more and more creative about making statues more special, I love that!
K – Is there any artist in the games/anime industry that inspire you? How did you come up with your own artistic identity?
M – Yes I spend a lot of time every day looking at artist’s work. I collect lots of references on a subject that I going to make, and take a little bit from each one. There are so many masters to learn from. I love to read manga it gives me even more artistic information to digest. I’m reading now Berserk for the second time by Kentaro Miura and gets tons of inspirations from it.
I think manga has a lot of common with statues. Unlike animation manga tells a story in a static image same way as statue.
When I work, I listen to audiobooks and sometime they give inspiration too.
I also love to discover older masters that are passed. Its like going on a deeper level cause their ideas are less common nowadays which gives a big freshness to it.
I wasn’t looking for own artistic identity intentionally, I think when you digest a lot of sources you will eventually do some mix of them that passed through your own personality and it always will be unique. Artistic style is like an inheritance with mutation in evolution 🙂
We really appreciate Maria taking her time to answer the questions. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did preparing them!

Dragon’s Lullaby – Pre Order Now

Our next Artist Series collaboration with the very talented Maria Panfilova. Designed with our in-house team and sculpted by Maria herself, the diorama depicts a scene of original characters in a world where majestic dragons are not fought but tamed by beautiful music.
The diorama comes with LED light up features and an original flute music playback with ambient sound designed by Imba Interactive.
Pre-order is only open for a limited time:
Please check the link below for the full gallery:

Dragon’s Lullaby Gallery


Hi all. Hope you are well and safe and had a great weekend. I wanted to update everyone on the various projects and current situation of Kinetiquettes.
I have bad news… due to lockdowns happening again in parts of China, things have become frustratingly slow and hence production and shipping has been hindered. We started shipping Rathalos to some collectors in China in December however due to Chinese New year in February, there was a standstill in everything. But then after the holidays, lockdowns started to happen which is slowing everything down again. We are now waiting for things to return to normal over there before we can continue shipping.
Geese and War Heroes were also affected by all this. As mentioned earlier in the year, last couple of years have been tough for us but we are starting to get into the stride of having faster turnaround times for each of our releases. Having said that, we are definitely looking to release them ASAP as they are our top priority for this year. Estimated release for them currently is start shipping by Q3 of this year.
We have not forgotten about our replacements for Dizzy. They are in process but again, due to delays, this is happening very slowly as well. But rest assured, we will ensure every single person receives their replacement in good condition.
Finally, the good news is that Chunli is going well according to our more efficient production timeline. We are strictly checking every step of the process to make sure she’s the best version of our 1/4 female Fighters line.
Furthermore, big changes are happening internally in terms of projects and partnerships, which the team is very excited about moving forward. We have planned some really cool statue lines and announcements this year that will pave the way for us moving forward as Kinetiquettes looks to be the go-to studio for video game characters designed by some of the very best artists in the industry. Speaking of artists, we have a super exciting announcement regarding that in the coming weeks. Not to mention our next Artist Series launch is almost upon us and our first epic anime pre-order launch is happening next month…finally.
I know…we have been slow in releasing some projects. But we are doing our best for all new projects to have a faster timeline without compromising quality. Despite the tough times, we are doing our best for you and also for ourselves. Moving forward a lot of things will change for the better. No more slow productions, no more taking forever to release pre-orders. As with all ventures, mistakes and mishaps can happen but we will always be upfront and honest with you about what and why they are happening.
I’ll leave you guys with some production samples of Chunli going thru some strict QC. This picture was posted earlier today in our exclusive facebook groups called “Kinetiquettes Kollectors”. In case you wish to receive this kind of updates and esxlcusives deals upfront we strongly recommend that you join us there. You can join the group HERE.
We hope to bring more news soon. Stay tuned and thank you for your time.Adeeb Mynul

Creative Director