Thanks for the great responses from all those who have received their Chun-Li. We are happy to see all the photos of her from your collections.

We also appreciate the feedback regarding the translucent skin for her. To show our appreciation and dedication to quality, we will be sending all new additional non-translucent swap outs for Chun-Li head and arms for all who have purchased her direct or via our retailer partners at no extra cost. We will always do our best to ensure that every single customer is happy with our products. Thank you again for the continued support and trust.

We are currently producing them and expecting to start shipping them out mid of the year. We will have more specific shipping timeline in the near future. We are also working out the logistics of how we will ship to those who bought through a retail partner. We may ship directly to you or to our retail partner to help us to distribute.

Happy Kollecting.

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