Starting off the year with TGS2015 and WF Winter!


We are starting off the year by attending the B2B Zone of the Taipei Game Show 2015. Do drop by our booth to see the fully painted factory sample of Evil Ryu in person. We are looking to make new friends and meeting our Taiwan fans there!


Next up will be the big event in Japan. We are definitely excited and honoured to be attending our first Wonder Fest alongside all the talented sculptors there. We are hoping to showcase the finished Oni sculpt side by side E.Ryu for the first time at the event and ofcourse meet all the awesome artists.

Speaking of Oni, we getting close to getting him done and our Evil Ryu production is also coming to an end. We are going to be making our QC trip next month along with opening pre-orders Oni.

We are also finalizing the shipping costs of Evil Ryu and  those who ordered from our website directly will be notified of the costs soon. We are aware that some of you were concerned on the cost of shipping compared to buying from your local retailers. Rest assured that we will make it worth your while for being the first to support us. You will be the first to receive the statues before anyone else in the world, which means you will get the early edition numbers. Not to mention that you will get first dibs on Oni preorders at a discounted price!

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