Battle of the Brother – Ken Preorders are LIVE

Our Battle of the Brothers – Ken diorama preorders are now open! Here’s the exclusive short hair option that comes FREE for preorodering on our site:


Brace Yourselves!

Its been a while but boy do we have a treat for you.

Let’s start off with our much anticipated Ken statue, which is part of Battle of Brothers diorama. He’s finally done and ready to be painted and here’s what the finished sculpt looks like.


Pre orders will start early December. We will announce when the preorders open, so please make sure you stay tuned to this newsletter and our social media channels.

Next is the launch of our E.Ryu and Oni Art Prints. They are finally available as Premium Prints

ERyu_print Oni_print

And not to mention that we just finally revealed our M.Bison levitating statue for the 1st time via a video interview:

Here are some additional photos:




But wait… a lot of our fans have told us that they prefer the signature Evil Grin of M.Bison and hence we are working on replacing the head. Here’s a work-in-progress screenshot 🙂



And finally, after all the screaming from the fans, we are finally giving them what they want. You have voted and we are proud to announce that we are finally working on Monster Hunter and Devil May Cry statues. Sneak peaks coming soon.


Updates and new diorama reveal!

Sorry for the silence everyone. We are currently busy closing Oni production. We are hoping to receive him in hand next month so that we can start shipping him out to you.


We also closed STGCC with a bang, where we had overwhelming response for our Alpha Ken of our Battle of the Brothers diorama. Preorder date will be announced next month!

Finally, here’s the first look at our Hugo/Poison VS Alex dioramas that will be released next year.

HugoPoisonVSAlex Alex

Before we sign off…. we have a big announcement to make at GameStartAsia next month. Stay tuned!

Oni Production + Ken WIP update!

We are busy preparing for STGCC. If you are going, dont forget to check us out! We will be revealing a teaser at the end of our live demo 🙂


We are aware that not all of you will be there. So here’s an update on how Oni production is going.

OniProductionUpdate (2)

OniProductionUpdate (3)

OniProductionUpdate (5)

OniProductionUpdate (6)

OniProductionUpdate (7)

OniProductionUpdate (8)

As you can see that we are approaching the end of production. We are going to make our trip to the factory next month to quality check and expecting to start shipping him near the end of the year.

While waiting for him, you will be able to pre-order our first BattleOfTheBrothers character, Ken! We will be announcing his PO date soon. And yes he will have interchangeable hair where you can display with shorter hair. Enjoy this WIP teaser of the near finished sculpt.


Now onto sculpting the base!

Brace yourselves!

Hi all,

Thanks for tuning in. With STGCC just around the corner, we have some special reveals and announcements coming in September.

Speaking of STGCC, don’t miss our live demo on Saturday on the main stage!


Furthermore, we will be fully revealing the sculpt and announcing the pre-order date of our first character of our Battle of the Brothers diorama. And we know you haven’t forgotten about our 1/4 scale levitating M.Bison. All we can say is “Stay Tuned!”

In case you haven’t noticed, our prints are done by some of the best artist’s in the industry. We already have prints by legends such as Sakimichan and Artgerm, but why stop there? Look for more awesome prints by big artists coming your way later this year! On the topic of prints, everyone’s favorite green mean beast just got his own Art Print! Ono-san approves ofcourse! As usual, it is printed using some of the highest quality ink and paper in the market. Enjoy!BlankaPrint



Introducing Fine Art Prints!

Hi all,

Now that we are fully equipped to produce fine art museum quality archival prints, we are launching a new type of prints.

These are smaller and inexpensive compared to our Premium Art Prints, but quality will be equally good as we are using the same ink and archival paper.



Also do note that due to the archival natural of all our prints, they require special handling. Hence the following instruction sheet will be provided:Handling

Premium Art Prints upgrade

Hi everyone,

You will be happy to know that we have upgraded our Premium Art prints pipeline. We had received feedback that our prints were not upto par and hence have decided to take matters into our own hands.


We just recently received our Canon IPF6410 printer and have decided to use one of the best museum quality archival fine art paper manufacturer in the market. After doing some tests on some of their different range of cotton papers, we have decided to go with Canson Infinity Edition Etching 310gsm Rag and the results were simply phenomenal. The colours are richer with deeper blacks and great contrast.


We want to ensure that everyone that ordered from us receives their’s in the highest quality that we can provide and if you do decide to frame them up, with the proper care, they will definitely be a show-piece that lasts a lifetime .

Evil Ryu in the house!


We’ve finally received E.Ryu in our hands and we will be starting to ship them out in batches.

We are now checking them one by one to ensure they arrived in good condition. You should be receiving remaining/shipping payment notifications over the weekend. Once the payment is made, we will proceed with processing your order. Also, if there are any updates to your shipping address, please do inform us to prevent any wrong deliveries.



Again, thanks for your patience and understanding. He will be on his way to you very soon.